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Streaming offers for Affiliated Partner
Rules for streamers
Royal Partners is offering streamers cooperation on favourable terms. For your streams to attract as many players as possible and bring you high commission income, we’ve prepared some rules that will help you earn money from your streams.
—You can stream on Twitch and YouTube and place adverts in your videos. We’ve prepared a lot of promotions for this, which you can use to attract new players to Royal Partners projects.
—You can use a wide range of unique exclusive bonuses in your videos that Royal Partners will prepare for your audience: promo codes for subscribers, free spin bonuses, and a higher budget for giveaways that you run on your channel.
—Every stream video shall include the logo of the Royal Partners project that you’re promoting. In addition, a link to the project shall be displayed under your video during the stream or on URL that’s available during the stream.
—Your channel shall have 1000+ subscribers and include content with an appropriate theme to work with Royal Partners
—The streamer and their audience shall not be younger than 18 years old. If your country’s legislation states otherwise, you must adhere to the law.
—The videos and live streams on your channel shall comply with the law of the country where you are distributing information on Royal Partners projects. Your content shall not contain extremist, threatening or offensive statements, or actions intended to incite racial hatred or offend others. The consumption of alcoholic drinks during streams is forbidden.
—Advertising other gaming projects during Royal Partners project streams is not allowed.
—You have the right to use all the available means for promotion. Your manager will help you form strategies on the stream frequency, bonuses, competitions, and attracting and keeping new players.
—All your advertising activities shall be coordinated with your personal manager before the start. You shall use only confirmed bonuses and promo codes.
—Commissions paid to the streamer for attracting players shall be discussed and agreed individually with your personal manager. Any financial issues shall be discussed with your personal manager.
—Any contract may be terminated if the streamer does not observe the terms of the agreement and if the promotions cause doubt to or damage the reputation of Royal Partners products, and also if the partner causes damage to the Royal Partners partner programme.
—If you have any questions on cooperation or the terms of this agreement, you can always negotiate individual terms with your personal manager. You also have the right to ask any questions about your terms of cooperation.
—You can only begin streaming once you have discussed all the issues with your personal manager.
—When signing an agreement with Royal Partners and streaming, you agree that your videos may be used on official channels belonging to ROX, FRESH, SOL and JET.
—After a stream, you must send the video to your manager from Royal Partners within 2 days. Later the video may be posted partially or completely on our branded channels.
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