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Our partners’ reviews are the best way to evaluate our work. We couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve accomplished but we would have never done it without each of our partners.
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Gordão Blaze review
Gordão Blaze
Hey Guys, I'm Fat Blaze. If you know me, I'm a close partner with Jet Casino, man what an insane partnership top quality service, easy to negotiate, easy to work with, they have all the support for my chat, they send me a code for the staff, they are present and respond fast. Guys, you who are about to close with jet casino, you can close without fear, any questions you can look for me and I will try to clarify for you in the best possible way, let's go upstairs. Come to Jet Casino.
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Qash review
Hi, my name is Pablo and I work at Royal Partners, on the cashback side. I would like to share with you here that it is one of the best company I work for, you can trust it too, and it has very good payments for you who want to start working and making game content here or outside Brazil, and that's it, it's a very reliable company and my guy is here to tell you that this is it and we are together.
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Advertise review
We have been working with projects from Royal Partners for more than three years, even before the creation of the affiliate program. Throughout our collaborations, they have proven themselves to be trustworthy partners. I would like to particularly make note of the financial side, which is one of the most important components when working with gambling offers. Payments are always on time, with no delays. Reconciliations, feedback clarity and overall understanding are always present. Always a pleasure working with professionals!
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